General terms and conditions of sale

  1. The present General Terms and conditions of Sale are applicable only with the exclusion of all other general or special terms and conditions, unless EUROPLEX has accepted specific deviations from these explicitly and in writing.
  2. The terms and conditions and set prices are without commitment, except by special conditions.
  3. Our invoices are payable in cash or with bank transfer unless agreed otherwise on our invoice.
    1. In case of non-payment on the due date, and without a notice of default, the invoice amount will be increased with an interest of 15% per year plus a fixed compensation of 12% with a minimum of EUR 50.00.
  4. In order to be valid, any dispute must be made by registered letter within eight days of delivery.
  5. All customized work is carried out under the full responsibility of the customer.
  6. All our prices are excluded VAT. All taxes are borne by the buyer.
  7. Goods are transported at the buyer’s risk regardless the mode of transport or terms and conditions of delivery.
  8. Strikes, machine breakdowns or other instances of force majeure will relieve us of any responsibility in connection with our obligations.
  9. EUROPLEX will retain ownership of all goods that have been collected or delivered until full payment of the invoice has been made.
  10. All legal disputes will be submitted exclusively to the District Court in Nivelles.