Our services

Europlex has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of IS0 9001:2015 for the following activities: - Project development, transformation and sales of all plastic materials (Polymers, Thermoset, Thermoforms) for wholesale and industry.

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Our main activity is the processing of all sorts of plastic materials, in all its forms and in different sizes.

Over 50 years, Europlex has been active in the processing of:

Thermoplastics: PMMA - POM - ABS - PET - PVC - PE - ...
Thermosetting plastics: Composite materials
Elastomer: Rubber & silicones

Under processing, we understand:

SawingMillingTurningDrlllingLaser CuttingEngravingPrintingBendingPolishingThermoformingGluingTemperingMounting

Our services

  • Comprehensive solution for projects
  • Project follow-up
  • Assembly
  • Full support with design & project from start to finish
  • Strong internal knowledge with regard to material properties, processing and control
  • Printing & engraving plastic products
  • Flexibility with regard to your price request & delivery terms
  • Quality under the ISO 9001 standard
  • Open communication
  • Placement

Thanks to our strong team, we are able to work in a very flexible way, and are able to realize a fast completion of the product with superior quality.

Quality is our goal, the reason why we only use materials who meet the REACH, ROHS and EU standards.

Apart from our production plants in Belgium, we also have a production plant in Taiwan. This plant is set up to process big production volumes with worldwide applications, and also works around our 3 pillars: Quality – Flexibility – Cost.