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The choice of the right type of plastic is crucial in the medical sector.

Due to the nature of the production processes, highly reliable and efficient solutions are required in the "Life science" sectors such as the pharmaceutical and food industry.

These sectors rightly set the highest standards in terms of safety, hygiene and resistance to extreme temperatures and aggressive chemical conditions.

We are happy to support you from start to finish of your project, or wherever you want us to assist you.

The combination of our and your knowledge ensures that specific problems are solved and that the performance of your process increases.

Over the years, we have built up vast experience to meet the requirements of our high-end customers in this sector.

Do not hesitate to contact us for your challenging applications and we will support you in the choice of materials, design, we will give recommendations ... in short, we will optimize your project and provide maximum support.

We always act in the best interests of our customers and go above and beyond for them.

Quality is our goal, the reason why we only use materials who meet the REACH, ROHS and EU standards.

Ask for our references, we deliver products that meet your highest requirements and standards.

At Europlex you can have parts and product components produced for the pharmaceutical industry according to your own standards. This can easily be done based on a drawing or 3D file.

We have an extensive state of the art machine park with the right tools for every solution, as well as a quality department equipped with all necessary tools.

Click here to our MATERIAL page for an alphabetical overview, you will certainly see a number of recognizable materials that are specifically related to your sector.

Are you in doubt about certain materials and their properties? Our product specialists are at your service.

Europlex is active in various sectors. Thanks to our diversity, flexibility and the endless possibilities of our applications, new ones are constantly being added.