Food & Beverages

Europlex creates and produces tailor-made products for the "food & beverage" sector.

Chocolatiers, fast food chains, butchers in supermarkets or meat processing companies, spice and sauce manufacturers, ...

Many companies active in this growing sector rely on the services of Europlex.

High-quality plastics and technical standards that meet the highest standards in terms of hygiene and processing are of course not new to us. The production takes place according to the strictest requirements of the nutritional rules. Our quality is fixed at every step of production and assured in measurement reports and certificates. Strict quality and safety requirements are of course standard.

Whether you need parts for repair, or products that have to be developed from scratch, Europlex has more than 50 years of experience in the production of high-quality plastics and technical polymers. Our product specialists and designers are happy to discuss the possibilities for optimizing your projects together with your R&D department.

With Europlex your production process is in good hands because we know which requirements your material and product must meet.

Contact our product specialists for an appointment and they will be happy to help you.

Europlex has a lot to offer as a partner for this sector, feel free to ask for our references.

Also take a look at our material section, this list is constantly growing and is also kept up to date.

Europlex is active in various sectors. Thanks to our diversity, flexibility and the endless possibilities of our applications, new ones are constantly being added.