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By using Point of Sale material (POS) you stimulate potential customers: original displays with images and sound between the store shelves, funny action hangers on the ceiling or functional brochure holders.

Luxurious look thanks to plastic and many options in shape and colour.

Luxury appearance thanks to plastic and many possibilities in shape and colour. 

Buyers, shop fitters and window dressers will find in us the ideal partner to let their creativity flourish and create a unique atmosphere.

This way you will attract attention and give a boost to discover your product and brand.

An important sales strategy, because no less than 70% of customers only decide to make a purchase in the store!

It is therefore worthwhile to take a closer look at the wide range of possibilities of POS material. Here you will discover the best approach for your product.

Due to the increasing importance of online sales, a unique shopping experience is an extra added value.

This is where Europlex makes a difference as a partner with its High-End POS solutions.

A pleasant and original shop interior contributes more than ever to a unique shopping experience.

More information about our High-End Pos possibilities and the advantages? Download our whitepaper via this link.

Displays, leaflet holders, show cases, cloches, presentation bases, ... a wide range of products and possibilities.

We work with you to further develop existing products, optimize them or create completely new products.

Our originality is our greatest asset thanks to years of experience.

Our sustainable and ecological solutions are of course also growing in this market.

We also have a solid reputation and experience in the sector of: museums, exhibitions, cultural centres ...

Our high degree of finishing makes your performances and exhibitions even more eye-catching.

Here too, tailor-made solutions are a standard concept for us and we think along with the customer to find the best result.

Take a look at our references to the various cloches and displays from our rich archive.

Within the POS domain we also have our unique door handles. The first impression when entering a company, personalized with a logo, and adapted to the correct shape,

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Europlex is active in various sectors. Thanks to our diversity, flexibility and the endless possibilities of our applications, new ones are constantly being added.