From small to big machine parts, assembling customized products, industrial tables and parts, safety screens, covers, ...

Due to its strength, plastic is a highly demanded and used material in various branches of the industry.

We produce essential parts for all possible sectors.

Are you looking for replacement parts for your machines or are you just looking for new parts?

Europlex is the specialist in customized work starting from your design or drawing, but total creation based on a model is also possible thanks to our in-house design department.

The list of plastic products that we produce for the machine building sector is enormous. We also keep a close eye on the market so that we can always propose new things.

We mill, turn, bend or process components according to your wishes and technical requirements.

Our parts can also be found in elevators, entrance gates, pumps, transport systems, compressors ... a long list.

By always focusing on top quality in materials, processes and service, we can guarantee that you as a customer can count on us in your development, and we contribute to your success. In order to guarantee quality and in addition to our ISO standards, we pay the utmost attention to:

  • open communication
  • project follow-up
  • one stop shop solutions for centralized project solutions
  • full support with design & project from start to finish
  • strong internal knowledge with regard to material and techniques
  • optimal study cost price / feasibility
  • flexibility with regard to price requests & delivery terms
  • measurement report upon delivery

Given the degree of precision we can deliver, our customers are often on the high tech side of the industry.

Contact us today for an appointment or for more information about your project.

Europlex is active in various sectors. Thanks to our diversity, flexibility and the endless possibilities of our applications, new ones are constantly being added.