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Great news - ISO 9001:2015

Great news at Europlex, we have been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of IS0 9001:2015 for the following activities:

- Project development, transformation and sales of all plastic materials (Polymers, Thermoset, Thermoforms) for wholesale and industry.

For Europlex, the basic points for keeping customers satisfied are:

Strict compliance with the specifications (materials, dimensions and finishing)

· Compliance with deadlines

· The search for the most appropriate solution, according to the request

To that end, each staff member must make sure to:

· Assume responsibility for quality through inspection and by calling on the team, for extra support

· Get it Right the First Time.

· Detect non-conformities and inform the managers or the quality manager accordingly.

· Take corrective actions.

· Avoid making the same mistakes.

· Identify and trace activities at all times.

1.2. Towards internal and external collaborators

Respect all commitments made

· Information and forecasts about the evolution of the company;

· Specific attention for each collaborator

Proper use of the equipment, tools and procedures to achieve the goal

· Employee that works under the best conditions to perform his or her tasks in terms of workload, schedule, training, methods and sharing experiences;

· Everyone is responsible for quality true inspection and calling upon the team when further assistance is needed

· Get it Right the First Time;

· Take corrective actions;

· Avoid making the same mistakes.